Hennessy Ghazal

my gender is the sweat running ‘tween my thighs /
my gender is the drink spilled down my leg /

in this here blackness / swear we share salt history /
my gender would like to pour you a drink

you are the only other nigga / in this club &
my gender got me stuck / staring /

my nigga / tongue salivating /
my gender pours one out / with each step

my sweat screams / “Look / at me!”/
“I know you see me,” / my gender a ghost / spill

down your leg / we are the only niggas / in the club /
& tonight / that is my gender

my desire / so black I know / you
know all the lyrics / my gender

/ unholy chorus /
my gender / my black

back blessed / is the collapse /
bend of waist / how my gender /

does not get me drunk / anymore /
now only headaches / my gender

is the drink poured / over my shoulder
i am leaving  my gender behind / 

me & it shares our name / i want you 

almost / like how i want / myself / my gender /

so wishes to meet you / so / wishes to know you
what is your body / if not almost mine

kiki nicole (they/them) is a Black, Queer, and Non-binary multimedia artist and poet. They’ve received invitations to fellowships such as Pink Door Writing Retreat, In Surreal Life, The Watering Hole, and Winter Tangerine. nicole is the co-curator and collaborator of the first and the last, an experimental film and new-media project which seeks to archive and reverse gatekeeping in the film community for the work of Black femmes, women, and Trans and Non-binary artists. kiki hopes to lend a voice for the void in which Black femmes not only exist in plain view but thrive. Find them at kikinicole.com.


IG Handle: @negritudinal.longings | Twitter Handle: @emotionalhussy