what type of woman are you?


dried honey on the bottom of the jar woman

acrylics grown out past the cuticle woman

taser, pepper spray, and switchblade woman

soft woman, dark skin, no place to be soft woman

leg hairs slicked down by panty-hose woman

bearded woman

scarred woman

half in class, half outside the world woman

smudged eyeliner woman

thrift store, chase couch, woe is me woman

wild woman

unhinged woman

not quite a woman

out, out damn spot, damn husband, do some damage woman

Waiting to Exhale, set his car, his clothes, then him on fire woman

women loving woman

not a woman type of woman

late bus full of men, woman

raging woman

fat woman

will kill you woman

my ex won’t leave me alone woman

I’ll kill him, woman

tarot reading, co-star woman

gold hoops, red lips woman

picket signs, ink stains woman

I’ve been to therapy woman

look at my nails on my Tesla woman

he touched my daughter so I slit his throat woman

speak up, baby. I can’t hear you woman

have you ever heard a woman scream?

Morgan Mullings (they/them) is an interdisciplinary artist living in Maryland with their cat, Frida Calico, and a snake plant named Darius. They were one of two poets chosen to represent the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in the 2019 Baltimore Book Festival’s University Writers' Series. They are also the recipient of the 2019 Malcolm Braly Award for Creative Nonfiction at UMBC English Department. They create a monthly newsletter on Substack called Be Soft, Write Feral, encouraging authentic voice in their subscribers. Their work has been published in High Shelf Press, Burning Jade Magazine, Charm City Stories, and is forthcoming in SWWIM. You can find them @morganic.matter on Instagram and @yeahthatmorgan on Twitter.