It Be Like That Sometimes

Greetings Poets, Writers, Friends!

As we are still going through a pandemic, working on patience, and learning how to extend grace to each other our art and other aspects of our lives have taken many hits. And at the same time it feels like artists, creatives, and kind people are absolutely keeping us all from deteriorating - Thank you!!

Red thank you card beside ink pen
Image by Aaron Burden, Unsplash 2017

Our recent call for work brought in only a few submissions and that's alright. Because of this we are postponing/canceling the August issue instead of extending the call again and rushing to pub. And that's alright too!

We see you toiling and submitting, reading and processing, creating and growing. We love it! Keep at it! We want your very best work and we’ll absolutely wait for it!

Green lettering on black background that reads Everything Is Going To Be Alright
Image by Viktor Forgacs, Unsplash 2020

Thanks so much for sharing your work with us so far! We hope you’ll continue to trust us with your words and artistry!

Check out our previous issues and our submission guidelines!