Introducing Inkwell Black: Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to Inkwell Black Blog!

In the coming days, months, years pull up to Inkwell for periodic interviews, book reviews, features, and of course, poetry!

We are aware that starting this journal during a pandemic can seem a little off, but it is in no way starting out of boredom or angst.

It has been so important to be aware and present in the daily moments of the last few months. Being particular about the information consumed and the realities we partake in, too, have been essential.

Adjusting to how life looks now has been a back and forth of difficult to tolerable. But without knowing what all is in store people need more. More information, more space, more art, more creative work, more representation, more rehabilitating moments/spaces to fill the gaps.

Inkwell Black hopes to be one of those creative, representative, rehabilitating spaces.

Our first issue will debut in September. Stay tuned for the exact date. Our submissions are currently open as well. Take a look at our submission guidelines for details.